Business Strategies to build your

Yoga Business

It's time to start treating your business like a business

Are you burned out, struggling or thinking about giving up?

Have you been working even harder and still not growing classes, a following or achieving your financial goals?

Learn key business and mindset strategies designed to help you build your following, stand out in your niche, shape your brand and create more financial ease.

The Business "how tos" of yoga are very important educational aspects for success and is often overlooked in most YTTs.

You leave a training equipped to begin teaching yoga, but how do you get teaching gigs, grow (and keep) your following, find your niche, promote your services, stand out from the crowded field, create signature programs and make more income?

We fill that gap with a big dose of actionable Business education and strategies.


The 6 Essential steps for your yoga business success

1. Mindset and Money

2. Your Ideal Student

3. Niche and Branding

4. Signature Programs

5. Premium Programs

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As a business coach, I provide uncomplicated business strategies and education to Yoga teachers who struggle with standing out in their yoga community, have become burned out teaching ongoing classes and may be ready to give up.

My programs are aimed to help you (re)design your healing businesses to increase the income, personal freedom and success you are worthy of having.

Originally from Interior Alaska where I was born and spent most of my life, now living in beautiful Western Colorado.

Experience in a varied background of business management and business ownership: Aromatherapy, Yoga, Nordic ski and Fitness instruction, Yoga Studio Owner, Personal assistant, Graphic design, Specialty coffee and Community volunteer.

Teacher and educator since 2003


Jody Ford, Yoga BizCraft